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Early to Mid-May 2018 - British Movement News and Views.

Early to Mid-May 2018
British Movement News and Views

Blood & Honour 
St George's Day Gig
BMWD volunteers patriotic themed cake raffle.
(This report was delayed and should have appeared in the previous blog)

At many Nationalist events across the country, across the year, there is a fund raiser cake raffle by BMWD volunteers from the BM South-East region. The Blood and Honour St George's Day
gig in the Midlands at the end of April was no exception.
Here is an image of the cake being raffled.  Well done to all concerned.

Jez Bedford-Turner found guilty of 'Hate Speech' and 'Incitement to Racial Hatred'.

NS Outlook was disappointed to hear, but not surprised to hear that the British racial Nationalist activist and patriotic organiser of the London Forum, Jez Bedford-Turner has been found 'Guilty' after the conclusion of his trial this week and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
The prosecution follows an open-air rally in Golders Green, North London in 2015 where Jez Bedford -Turner made what the CAA claimed was an "anti-Jewish/antisemitic" hate speech.

The prosecution of Jez Bedford-Turner was forcefully pursued by the organisation Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), after the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) originally declined to prosecute Jez Bedford-Turner back in 2016
The CAA fought the original decision and pushed for a judicial review through the courts to force the CPS to change its position and prosecute.
After the court declared its verdict on Monday, and the judge passed sentence, the CAA quickly issued a triumphant press statement and claimed victory.

Justice was certainly not served and this case has shown that where and when powerful and influential minority interest groups put pressure on the justice system and on the political establishment they can force the system to operate in their favour and reflect their interests.

Meanwhile the British Movement Propaganda Campaign Continues across the Nation



The Menace of Multi-culturalism

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Into May 2018 - British Movement news and opinions

Into May 2018
British Movement news and opinions

BREXIT - watch as our politicians undermine Britain's exit
from the European Union. Watch as globalist interests pour money and resources into 'Remain' organisations and campaigns. Watch as the Tory cabinet manipulates the negotiations to favour retaining elements of EU membership, preserving trade treaties and shared legislation.
Watch as the media sides with the 'Remain' campaign to push for a "second referendum" which 'they' will ensure 'they' win.
Watch as Brexit is betrayed and eventually unravelled.

British Movement North Yorkshire and County Durham are currently running their Spring and Summer programme of 'Strength Through Joy' outdoor activities. Hiking, map-reading, orienteering and visits to sites of cultural and historical interest.

Episode 6
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

End of April 2018 - BM Views and Opinions

End of April 2018
British Movement Views and Opinions

Exit Amber Rudd
Enter Sajid Javid
Still no good news for British Nationalism in the change of Home Secretary. 
Exchange one Home Office minister hostile to White British Nationalism for another hostile one. British Movement sheds no tears for the departure from the post of Home Secretary by Amber Rudd MP, an ideological opponent (sworn enemy) of National Socialism and White racial Nationalism. Only for Rudd to be replaced by the totally unacceptable figure of Sajid Javid in the senior post at the Home Office, he is ideologically, ethnically and religiously opposed to everything British racial Nationalists stand for...

Multi-cultural Madness
These are the lengths that the political Left
and neo-liberals will go to entrench multi-culturalism
in White society.
In a full page article in the 'Guardian' newspaper on Saturday April 28th 2018, it reveals how modern publishing companies now employ "experts" who are 'culturally sensitive' and 'racially sensitive' to edit manuscripts for new works of fiction in order to remove any references or dialogue that is not politically correct.

Think of George Orwell's classic novel '1984' and the government campaign for "Newspeak".

The general public are completely unaware of this kind of politically correct manipulation going on 'behind the scenes'. This kind of activity is politically and ideologically motivated as the neo-liberals and fellow-travellers seek new ways to influence opinions and shape public thinking.  Subtle roads towards brain-washing.

On the Streets of Ulster....

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