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British Movement News, Views and Opinions -June and July 2017

British Movement News, Views and Opinions
June and July
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Summer Solstice
June 21st 2017

The Summer Solstice was honoured and celebrated by BM groups up and down the UK.
A traditional Aryan ritual which we cannot allow to be forgotten.
BM Northern Region Summer Camp
 June 23rd to 25th 2017
Unfortunately this year the BM Northern Region was unable to secure a suitable site to hold the
 BM Sunwheel Festival.
However BM activists from all areas of Yorkshire and the North East of England took part in a weekend summer camp in rural North Yorkshire.
Good comradeship, conversation and the opportunity to take in some of the historic and cultural sites in the area.

June 2017   Bilderberg Conference
Chantilly, Virginia
A strange silence grips the mainstream media around the subject of the Bilderberg conferences, particularly in regard to the BBC and ITV news outlets. Odd that, given that certain key British political and business figures were in attendance; Lord Andrew Adonis, the former Labour Party minister and former Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne, (now editor of the London Evening Standard), being just two of note.

Time for the Home Office to Take a Serious Look
at Left-Wing Extremism
The Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her assorted Home Office agencies have become very focussed of late on so-called 'Far-Right' extremists and extremism.
If the Home Office is so concerned about the threat of domestic terrorism outside the ranks of Islamic militants and jihadists, perhaps the government should spend some time, money and anti-terrorism resources looking at the violent Left-wing fringes, especially militant anti-racists and anarchists.
NS Outlook suggests that MI5, Special Branch and the assorted anti-terrorist agencies take a long hard look at the following recent outbursts;
Hamburg -  The G20 riots
Pure domestic terrorism on the streets of this German city- British militant leftists and Black Flag/ Black bloc anarchists took part. The British anti-fascist network has strong, established links to these violent European left-wing extremists.
Ross Kemp: Extreme World
As well as the usual Ross Kemp (I am such a hard man), shock, horror, investigation into violent sub-cultures and political fringes recently travelled to the USA. For once TV documentary actually looked at the rise of armed Black Militants in Texas, the resurrected Black Panthers and other Black militia groups sprouting out of the Black Lives Matter protests.
Of course Kemp had to interview White Power militants in the NSM and KKK, as well as 'investigating' the White Lives Matter' demonstrations.
However, the PREVENT agency and MI5 might like to spend some time looking at UK Leftist links to the groups in Texas - USA anti-Fa (armed and dangerous)  and the openly communist Red Guards.
Ross Kemp himself was actually threatened by gun carrying Red Guards and anti-Fa thugs because they saw a White man with a shaven head and mistook the poseur reporter for a White Rights activist.
NS Outlook was amazed to see footage of armed communists on the streets of a city in Texas,
Red Guards carrying red Hammer and Sickle flags and loaded automatic rifles in broad daylight at a political protest. The ghosts of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan must be spinning in their graves!



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The Ongoing Struggle - Media Hysteria, State Political Oppresion and Minority Pressure - continued

The Ongoing Struggle
Media Hysteria, State Political Oppression
and Ethnic Minority Pressure: - continued

Some of the Post-Finsbury Park Attack Nonsense From the Tabloid Press
This ill-informed article appeared in the Sun on June 20th 2017 in response to the revelations that the alleged attacker outside Finsbury Park Mosque came from the Cardiff area.
Media stories claimed that South Wales is a 'hotbed of Far-Right activity' with all the usual exaggerations and inaccurate 'shock-horror' stories. and fake news
Saturday May 13th 2017
Northern Nationalist Rally
 Outside the North-East of England ordinary British folk know nothing about this dreadful story,
the national news media has taken great care to maintain a press-blackout on the crimes committed against a local woman Chelsey Wright.
 British Movement activists joined other racial Nationalists and local patriots in the demonstration
organised by Northern Nationalists.
Since the beginning of the 'Justice for Chelsey' protests began local Nationalist activists report a heavy police clamp down on individuals known to be producing and circulating Nationalist leaflets and other items of propaganda.
Angry Nationalist demonstrators protest outside Sunderland Central Police Office at the failure of Sunderland Police to bring Chelsey's attackers to court.

Sunday 11th June 2017
'the March against Islamic Hate'
As we reported in an earlier NS Outlook blog; a small team of British Movement observers joined this sizeable protest and noted the numbers taking part, the speeches and the range of groups and organisations taking part, as well as the groups opposing the demonstration.

While British Movement would not wish to ally itself as an organisation to some of the groups and individuals taking part in this march, it has to be recognised that in the North-West at least there is a percentage of the British public who are NOT taken in by candle lighting rallies and LOVE vigils.

Just part of the large crowd taking part in The March Against Islamic Hatred in the centre of Manchester .
Only the news media in the Greater Manchester region reported on this demonstration.
The Greater Manchester Police actually complained about having to provide police officers for this demonstration.
This is what the Mayor of Manchester, former Labour MP Andy Burnham said about the march, he was complaining because Greater Manchester Police (GMP) had committed over 400 officers to policing the protest, Burnham tweeted,
"g m police are stretched to the limit and in the middle of on-going investigations. These EDL-types who came today need to have a look at themselves."
Burnham previously had no complaints what so ever when within hours of the jihadist suicide bomb attack on Manchester Arena the GMP had thrown a protective cordon around Didsbury Mosque, including armed officers, in order to protect the mosque and its congregation against any 'potential
White British Nationalist retaliation' for the jihadist bombing and murders.
Nor did he complain about providing police for the so-called Muslim Peace march in the days following the bombing or the massive police presence needed to protect visiting government figures.
Notice too that Mayor Burnham did not criticise the self-styled 'anti-fascist' protestors who turned out mob handed to oppose the March Against Islamic Hate, given that the anti-fascists were up to all their usual violence and anti-social antics.
Greater Manchester Police provide protection for anti-racist demonstrators
It only exists in their imaginations - no organised British racial-Nationalist party or group is involved in terrorism. The media claim that there is evidence of a Far-Right threat.
The man behind the Finsbury Park van attack was not involved in Nationalist politics;
the supposed white supremacist killer of Labour MP Jo Cox, (Tommy Mair) was a loner who had long term mental health problems. in the 1990's, the bomber David Copeland was a sad loner who briefly supported the BNP and the defunct NSM, he was not a committed political activist.

What British Movement is Not About
A senior British Movement organiser recently commented that in his opinion the Home Office is pushing through an agenda against all British National Socialist and racial Nationalist organisations with a view to eventually shutting them down as being linked to 'terrorism' or aspiring to be 'terrorist organisations.' The first step towards removing these 'anti-democratic' organisations was of course the proscription of National Action as a banned organisation at the end of 2016.
 A statement to the press by Home Secretary Amber Rudd justifying this politically motivated act by giving her opinion that National Socialism is .... "a vile ideology".
Therefore in her book it is acceptable to treat any pro-NS organisation as being a threat to democracy and therefore the normal rules of political freedom of expression do not apply.
Let us make it crystal clear ....British Movement (the British National Socialist Movement) is not involved in terrorism, does not support terrorism and is actively opposed to genuine terrorist organisations such as the Provisional IRA, the Continuity IRA, the Real IRA, the INLA, also the assorted jihadist terror groups, Al Qaida. ISIS (Islamic State), and numerous murderous off-shots.
If the security services are serious about countering terrorism they should take a closer look at the antics of AFA (Anti-Fa) and their genuinely terroristic affiliates across Europe.


British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK

On the Streets of Ulster.....


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British Movement News and Views - Follow-up - June 2017

JUNE 2017
BM Sunwheel Office.
British Movement South-East London.
British Movement Scotland.
South Wales British Movement.

*** This BM blog report was held back while other BM news updates were being put forward in response to the barrage of national news media and government statements and hysteria broadcast in the aftermath of the Finsbury Park mosque incident.

June 10th 2017
Pan- Nationalist Meeting
Organised jointly by British Movement - South Yorkshire and the National Front.
Speakers at the meeting reflected the level of co-operation between different organisations;
the speakers were Richard Edmonds(NF), Andrew Brons the former BNP MEP, Kevin Bryant (NF) and the BM National Secretary Steve Frost.
This was a good meeting held in a good venue and the audience was made of people from a range Nationalist organisations reflecting a range of views and ideological positions.
Nevertheless, all opinions were listened to and respected, recognising that there are areas of common interest and that shared platforms such as this meeting can be useful conduits for advancing the racial Nationalist message.

June 17th 2017
March Against Islamic Hatred
This march through the city centre of Manchester was very much a pan-Nationalist event and drew support from a wide number of Nationalist, racial Nationalist and patriotic organisations.
A number of British Movement activists joined this protest to both observe and report on the demonstration and the effectiveness of the turn out.
Certainly there were groups and individuals taking part that BM would not wish to engage with, but the protest carried a powerful message, especially in the wake of the jihadist attack on Manchester Arena.
Predictably the usual anti-racist and anti-fascist circus turned out to oppose the protest and to
'defend diversity'.
Where were 'Anti-Fa when the bomber struck?  Or did they approve of his 'radical action'?
Meanwhile in the ancient region of Wessex
Southern Division British Movement

British Movement street activities in Weymouth and Bournemouth

Southern Division BM is now actively taking the British National Socialist message into the towns and villages of Dorset and Hampshire - unfortunately the SDBM Facebook site has been forcibly closed down by Facebook but SDBM consider that to be a temporary setback.
According to recent Red Cross figures: -
So Far In 2017 More Than 70,000 illegal migrants have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe.
The British Media Might Ignore The Story But The Migrant Crisis Has Not Gone Away.

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.
E mail:

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Media Hysteria, Politician's Knee-jerk Reactions and Proposed State Oppression

Media Hysteria, Politician's Knee-Jerk Reactions
and Proposed State Oppression
**** Other British Movement blog reports have been held back in order for a quick response by the BM Sunwheel team to the situation presently flooding the national news media.

The alleged 'terrorist attack' on groups of Muslims leaving Finsbury Park Mosque in the early hours of June 19th 2017 by a lone White man driving a van into the crowd on the pavement..
Within hours of the incident the news media was full of statements by politicians and so-called community leaders describing the situation as variously a 'terrorist attack', a 'hate crime', a 'racist attack' or an 'Islamaphobic atrocity' or variations of all the above.

Allegedly a 47 year old man from South Wales had been arrested at the scene.
All the press hungry talking heads were in front of the TV cameras to denounce this 'terrorist attack'.
Was it really an act of political terrorism? Or was it just an irrational act of random violence carried out by an enraged individual who has not yet declared his motivation?
The media and the mainstream politicians have already decided what happened in Finsbury.
Just hours after the attack outside Finsbury Park Mosque the BM Sunwheel Office was contacted by e-mail by a reporter from the news desk at the 'Sun' tabloid newspaper, unbelievably asking for the BM to offer any information our office might have on the van driver allegedly involved in the attack.
Is the 'Sun' for real?
Even if we did know anything about it - which we did not - did the 'Sun' actually expect our national office to co-operate with a newspaper that has consistently attacked our Movement for decades?
The blustering, barely competent Labour Party Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott MP was interviewed on the BBC TV 'Breakfast Show' to give her informed insights into so-called "Far-Right extremism" and the violent incident outside Finsbury Park Mosque. Typically Abbott waffled around the subject, repeatedly mouthing the words "Far-Right extremism" and "Islamaphobia and hatred" without offering any genuine insights or evidence other than referencing yesterday's incident outside Finsbury Park Mosque and of course the Jo Cox murder in June 2016.
Meanwhile on the Government side, Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd has been quick to publicly play her hand and made her position clear in a column in the 'Guardian' newspaper today, which is unusual in itself because the 'Guardian' is a liberal-leftist newspaper and is generally anti-Tory and highly critical of Conservative Party policy.
Rudd states that, "Britain has some of the strongest legislation in the world to tackle hate crime, and anyone responsible will face the full force of the law. We encourage people to report any hate crime incidents to the police, the True Vision website or Tell MAMA. All reports will be taken seriously."
So it would appear that such organisations as True Vision and Tell MAMA are now acting as surrogate agencies of the State.
What about false reports of alleged Islamaphobia or invented racist incidents?
No mention here of who White British people should report anti-white hatred to or acts of race hate aimed at whites by members of ethnic minority communities. And Ms Rudd such things do happen, but the police prefer not to act in case they are seen as being 'racist'.

" The threat from the far-right is as corrosive as the twisted Islamist ideologies so many Muslims have spoken out against. Legislation alone is not enough to tackle this vile manifestation of hate."
And in a more threatening tone, Amber Rudd says,
"In December, I proscribed National Action - the first extreme right-wing group to be banned as a terrorist organisation. A new commission for countering extremism will be set up to tackle those who seek to erode shared values that make this country great."
Note the reference to National Action - whatever the faults and failings of NA, it did not present as a terrorist organisation on the streets ; NA carried out no bombings, no shootings, did not stock pile arms and explosives - did not commit any mass killings, yet NA was placed on the same legal status as the jihadist killers of ISIS and al Qaida and the proven terrorists of the Provisional IRA.
Finally Rudd goes on to declare that,
"Our Building a Stronger Britain Together programme provides support to groups tackling all forms of extremism. We are working in schools and communities to protect young people from extremist ideologies. We have set up the first ever cross-government working group on anti-Muslim hatred."

So we expect certain professional anti-racist and self-styled anti-fascist organisations and publications to suddenly benefit from an injection of government cash.
No doubt they will respond enthusiastically and we can expect a rash of reports of 'Far Right plots'
or 'white racist conspiracies' and 'neo-Nazi terrorist cells'.
In addition we can expect a co-ordinated media down play of all the up and coming terrorist related trials of jihadists and Islamic extremists as well as a serious lack of media coverage of pending
'Grooming gang' trials where all the rapists and groomers are Asians and all the victims are underage White British girls. Yes such trials are in the pipeline.
Both Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd are publicly pledging to defend multi-culturalism and diversity, conveniently ignoring the fact that May's predecessor, the former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron once very publicly denounced the concept of multiculturalism in Britain as having failed. Perhaps Prevent should investigate David Cameron.

No one in the media has pointed out that in the last twenty years less than 10 people have been killed by so-called 'Far-Right' lone-wolf attackers and barely 20 wounded by their actions.
Yet organised Islamic extremists have killed over 100 and wounded hundreds more.
The media can only point to less than half a dozen disturbed 'Far-Right' killers at the most and base their claims on the actions of the bomber David Copeland, the killer of Jo Cox MP - Tommy Mair and now a 47 year old man from Cardiff.
Hardly on the same scale as the London bus and tube bombings, the Manchester Arena bombing or the Westminster attack or the recent London Bridge attacks.
 Former Labour Party Leader Calls For A Thought- Police Approach
The failed former Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband MP was quick to sound off his Marxist fuelled opinions on a BBC Radio 2 broadcast. Miliband declared that the current Prevent programme should be expanded and made even more robust against the "Far-Right". The Labour MP seemed to think that where Prevent encourages so-called "law-abiding members of the Muslim community" are encouraged to report suspected Islamic radicals and extremists to the police, why not encourage the White community to report people suspected of holding 'Far-Right' opinions and beliefs to the authorities? 
The first moves towards an actual 'Thought-police' being openly suggested by a serving politician.
So we can anticipate that any White British Nationalist political activists or supporter who speaks out against mass immigration, illegal immigration, the refugee crisis, against a multi-cultural society or the negative impact of a multi-racial society can expect to be a target for an enhanced Prevent programme. There will be censorship and suppression of political thought and political expression.
What Amber Rudd and Ed Miliband are hinting at is a gradual outlawing of views and opinions that oppose multi-culturalism and racial awareness - State Oppression.
The British Movement Position
Just to clarify things for any Government, police or security service reader of this blog;
British Movement is not a 'terrorist' organisation, armed opposition and random acts of extreme violence will not advance our Cause one inch. Shooting and bombing unarmed and defenceless individuals and groups of people is not only criminal, it is counter productive in the broadest sense and would turn support in the wider White British population away from our Cause.
Moreover any armed attacks by individuals or groups claiming to represent British racial Nationalism would provide the State with whatever excuses it might need to 'lawfully' eradicate all British Nationalist organisations and political parties in the "interests of national security and community cohesion."
We should all remember the history of British racial politics and how in the Spring of 1940 the state enacted Defence Regulation 18B in 'the interests of national security'.
That led to mass arrests and imprisonment without trial for years and we do not want to give the
Government any excuse to return to that level of State oppression.
 We, BM, are a committed British National Socialist Movement, and clandestine terrorist actions are not part of our agenda.
(certain elements in the self-styled anti-fascist/anti-racist groups might also take note before making ill-informed public pronouncements about the BM and the BM agenda)
BRITISH MOVEMENT has opposed the concept of a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain from the founding of BM in the Summer of 1968 and continues that total opposition to the present day.
BM seeks a radical political route to achieve that goal NOT through armed, terrorism.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

JUNE 6th 2017 - National Socialist Women's Day

June 6th 2017
         The British National Socialist Movement
Salutes National Socialist and Racial Nationalist Women and Girls World Wide Today !
This date was chosen to represent NS Women and girls in 2001 as the day of celebration
in honour of the great Dutch NS woman Florentine van Tonningen - June 6th was her birthday.
British Movement - E-mail;

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Westminster - Manchester - London Bridge - The Fatal Outcome of Multi-culturalism

The Roll Call So Far in 2017

All the above terrorist outrages are the fatal outcome of multi-culturalism - The time has come for the British people to get up off their knees, stop lighting candles forget the weak words about Love conquering terrorism, get real, get active and support the racial Nationalist counter culture.




It was during the last Labour Government of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown that the Labour Party went soft on mass immigration into Britain. Labour Party ideologues boasted that by freeing up controls on immigration "They would rub the Right's nose in diversity".
The Labour Party were accelerating the creation of a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain.


Thanks to the I LOVE GB site for the image

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

The General Election - the so-called democratic circus

The 'Democratic' electoral circus
 Next week the voting begins and the well oiled wheels of Britain's neo-liberal social democracy will elect a new government.
Will June 2017 finally see a break in the pattern of the rotating dictatorship between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party? 
 Is British domestic politics going to see a major change or are our people in line for more of the same, tired old legislation, economic incompetence and betrayal of the ordinary White British?
 In Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP strut and posture, they continue to foster an illusion of membership of the European Union and yet another referendum on independence for Scotland, even though their is no desire amongst the people of Scotland to break away from the Union of the United Kingdom.
 In Northern Ireland the Irish Republicans of Sinn Fein and their fellow travellers in some of the other parties like the SDLP seek an opportunity to side-step Brexit, and to bring the Province closer to a union with Eire.
In Wales Plaid Cymru are trying hard to achieve the political status of the SNP in Scotland and PC hopes to replace the Labour Party as the party of Left-wing politics in Wales.
Any serious British Nationalist who still thinks that taking part in elections is the way forward should take a long hard look at how the mainstream media dances to the tune of the two main parties and deliberately side-lines and denigrates the minority parties and their efforts.
The entire system is a rigged game and needs to be changed.

Whatever the outcome of the General Election on June 8th 2017
the indigenous British people will be the ultimate losers.


For all the talk of diversity, unity, Love Conquering Hate and standing together the simple fact is that Islamic militants have gained a foothold in the UK and will not be defeated by talk of 'community cohesion' and love and peace.
A British National Socialist solution would be the execution of convicted jihadist killers and terrorists, immediate deportation of all their family members to their country of ethnic origin, 
Immediate deportation of all those identified as providing funding, political support and propaganda for the Islamist cause.
This of course would the first step towards an eventual repatriation and overseas resettlement of all non-whites currently holding British citizenship.


The rat pack of 'Remainers', globalists and internationalists, these leftists and neo-liberals dare to describe themselves as 'progressives', and hope to use the General Election campaign to thwart Brexit and to push for Britain remaining in the European Union.
Working away behind the scenes is a well resourced and financed pressure group called Open Britain; it will come as no surprise that two key figures are Peter Mandelson, and Tony Blair.
No matter what the final outcome of the General Election, this organisation will continue to campaign and seek to influence British politics around Brexit.
 Make no mistake such groups not only seek to overturn the Brexit referendum result, they hope to reverse the decision at some future date and campaign to convince the EU bureaucrats to allow Britain to re-join the EU when their political schemes finally bare fruit.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16  0XF. England. UK.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MANCHESTER ARENA ATTACK - Another jihadist atrocity - another toxic by-product of multi-culturalism

MAY 22nd 2017
Another jihadist atrocity on British soil
Another toxic by-product of multi-culturalism
Once again a British city has been subjected to a jihadist atrocity and as this blog goes out the casualty count stands at 22 dead and 59 wounded, this includes children.
The attacker was allegedly a suicide bomber acting alone....
No doubt as the details unfold our TV screens and radio reports will be filled with politicians and neo-liberal defenders of multi-culturalism trotting out all the usual soft words of regret and calls for "communities to stand together"- the by now standard calls for 'community cohesion'.
We can guarantee that the BBC and other media agencies will give prominent broadcast time
to some tame and reliable talking heads from the assorted Islamic communities in Manchester and the North of England who will "condemn the attack in the strongest terms" and will trot out the new slogan of multi-cultural Britain, "there is more that unites us than divides us".
Oh really ?
The jihadist who blew himself up in Manchester Arena targeted a popular entertainment venue at a concert where few if any devout Muslims would be present. The target represented a symbol of modern Western culture that the jihadists despise and most observant Muslims resident in Britain would consider unacceptable and un-Islamic.
When are those neo-liberal and leftist supporters of a multi-racial society going to wake up to the fact that many thousands of non-Europeans want to live here in OUR COUNTRY to take advantage of OUR welfare systems, OUR living standards, OUR education system, OUR job opportunities and social freedoms, but reject White British culture, customs and traditions. 
Many want to live here for what OUR country can provide for them but hate OUR way of life,
our moral standards, our foods, our styles of dress, our forms of entertainment, our consumption of alcohol, our attitudes towards sex and marriage, our culture and heritage.
That is why THEY do not integrate. That is why THEY operate as closed communities.
That is why THEY demand Sharia law to be integrated into British law.
Those who insist that the UK should accept ever more 'refugees' and 'asylum-seekers' are blind to the reality of the consequences that mass immigration has had on OUR COUNTRY.
As this blog is being written these images are being released by assorted mainstream British news media outlets
these images were attributed to the Daily Express and the
Daily Star news desks...

Note for anti-racists and multi-culturalists:- These casualties all appear to be White British citizens, so was this a 'racist attack'? Was this a 'hate crime?'

British Movement stands by the slogan it has repeated time and again over the years as part of BM's continued opposition to a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain;

PICTURED BELOW: this kind of propaganda protest action
by British Movement is described in the newspapers as
hateful !
So what about a suicide bomber attacking Manchester Arena
is that not truly hateful?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

APRIL 20th - National Socialist Day


British Movement - the British National Socialist Movement offers a salute to all National Socialists on April 20th 2017.
In 2017 - National Socialists and racial Nationalists across the White World will mark the day - April 20th - the birthday of the Man Against Time.
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's birthday April 20th is celebrated by National Socialists worldwide today in 2017
the salute to his memory has never ended just as the flame of National Socialism continues to burn.
National Socialist Pride
World Wide

The Flame That Never Dies!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Reality of the Channel Coast 'Refugee' Camps

The Reality of the Channel Coast
'Refugee' Camps

Dunkirk 'Refugee' Camp Burned Down During Conflict Between Kurds and Afghans
How Often Do Liberal and Leftists Claim That The Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Are Just "Desperate People Fleeing War Zones For Safety and a Better Life" ???
If so why are conditions in the refugee squatter camps routinely described by journalists as being too dangerous for women and children?
Amongst the bleed-heart appeals to allow the illegal migrant children into Britain, came this
admission from Labour MP Yvette Cooper,
"We have warned for months about the dangerous Dunkirk camp, the violent and unsafe conditions and huge risks for children stuck there alone without parents or guardians."
Even mainstream journalists admit that in the Dunkirk camp there was conflict between
 rival ethnic groups. One media report stated that;
" After the closure of the Calais site, the Dunkirk camp has become increasingly overcrowded, and the difficult living conditions have led to escalating disputes between nationalities."
Those migrants, who the media and pro-refugee organisations routinely describe as fleeing violence and torture in Third World war zones, seem to resort to direct violence against other migrants without to many qualms about the consequences...the same media report noted that some of the injured at the Dunkirk camp had stab and slash wounds from knives.
"The fire followed an outbreak of violence between Kurdish and Afghan residents of the camp,..... most of the injuries were sustained in the fighting. Officials believe that the fire was the result of an arson attack."
NOT an Arson Attack by Evil White Racists though.....
the arson attacks were carried out by rival migrants....
"Several men said they had seen people deliberately spilling oil from the cooking stoves that were in most of the huts and setting fire to them...... They told the women and children to get out, and they set the huts alight."
And the Pro-Refugee organisations like Open Borders and the Safe Passage organisation want to let these people into Britain !
The news media in Britain regularly trots out sob stories about frightened children living in squalid squatter camps along the Channel coast, with images of small children travelling without parents, desperate to reach relatives in the UK, and media demands for the government to allow them into Britain under the so-called 'Dubs amendment scheme'.
But the 'children' are often not the cowering youngsters the media likes to portray....
An article in the left-leaning 'Guardian' on Wednesday April 12th 2017 admitted that,
"because unaccompanied asylum-seeking children tend to be over 16, they are often placed in supported housing,"
The same article quoted the following figures too...
"In the year to September 2016, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (illegal immigrants under the age of 18) made 3,144 applications (to live) in the UK - a 15% increase on the year before. The largest number came from Afghanistan - 783 , while 435 were Iranian and 426 Albanian.
Hang on a minute !
The leftists keep telling us that these people are fleeing war zone conflicts...
So exactly what war zone conflicts are troubling Iran and Albania to create child refugees?
The neo-liberals who champion the asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants have invented a whole new set of words to soften the image of the migrants and illegals they seek to allow into Britain and Europe.
Illegal Immigrants become "undocumented migrants"
Illegal immigrants under the age of eighteen become "unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (and are given the acronym - UASC)

We can be sure that after the deliberate destruction of the Dunkirk camp and the rumours that another illegal squatter camp is being built outside Calais, there will be fresh appeals to allow illegal immigrants into Britain...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Racial Nationalists Under Media Attack (Again)

White Pride Rally
March 25th 2017
Nice to see a few BM Sunwheel flags brightening up the day


Sunday, March 19, 2017

March into March 2017

British Movement News and Views

BM Scotland
BM Central Belt and the Kingdom of Fife

So far this month two newspaper have criticised
British Movement activities in the Central Belt of Scotland
The Courier -  Fife --- March 9th 2017 -  Dunfermline Press - March 15th
and according to BM activists in Scotland the same stories have been reported on Radio Forth
The above media outlets have carried reports about "Concerns as Fife targeted by far-right fascist propaganda" and "Dunfermline plagued by neo-Nazi posters".

According to 'The Courier - Fife'
 This is "White supremacist propaganda" and inspires division and intolerance !
 And According to the Dunfermline Press this is " hate-filled propaganda!"

Jeremy Bedford - Turner
Targeted for Prosecution - 2015 Speech in Whitehall
British racial Nationalist activist Jeremy Bedford-Turner is to be referred back to the CPS for possible prosecution over the wording of a speech he gave to a small rally in Whitehall, London in the Summer of 2015. In 2015 Mr Bedford-Turner was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police after complaints were made about his speech, the CPS decided that he had not committed an offence.
The speech was witnessed by a member of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism who was there to monitor rally and the speeches and was probably primed to 'be offended'
The Crown Prosecution Service has agreed to review the original reports of Jez Bedford-Turner's speech after a number of Jewish organisations have appealed against the original CPS decision.
The authorities have made it clear that this time a prosecution for so-called "hate speech" is likely.

February 2017
 As in previous years, a number of British Movement members, supporters and their families attended this annual cultural festival. This annual celebration of Britain's Viking heritage takes place the whole week at the end of February and offers interesting insights into how our ancestors lived and worked.
There are re-enacted crafts and music as well as the usual battles and Viking warriors parade.

British Movement contact details: E-mail

BM Sunwheel Office:  P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.